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Your attention to detail and meticulous customer care...
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Ian: I was very pleased to see that Great Collections conducted the auction resulting in the $86k+ sale of the 1995-W American Eagle. Congratulations!! I was well pleased with the auctions of my coins I sent to GC. Your attention to detail and meticulous customer care and service combined with the low fees you charge sets your company far above the rest in the industry. Keep up the great work. I will use you again in the future. For the moment I am concentrating on Chinese coins. It has been my pleasure to do business with you. Close quote
K S  (April 29, 2013)
By far the best out there today...
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Ian, After dealing with Great Collections for over a year, I find your website to be so far above the rest that they might as well close up shop. The overall quality of items for auction and service is by far the best out there today. Keep up the good work. Close quote
C G  (April 29, 2013)
Baytown, Texas
Was amazed at quickness of delivery!
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Mr Russell, I had to let you know that I have never dealt with Dealer that has such a high quality of service & low buyer fees! This was my second order and was amazed at quickness of delivery! I won my 2 lots on sunday april 7th & received them today April 10th. Other places I have bought from take up to a week just to ship. Thank you & keep up the GREAT service. Roger Close quote
Roger L  (April 11, 2013)
Your integrity makes working with you a real pleasure
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I'm going to phone tomorrow as I know you're busy today (Monday), but i did want to tell you how much I appreciate the effort on my behalf re the St. Gaudens 1911D/D and other coins. Your knowledge, marketing abilities, and most of all, your integrity make working with you a real pleasure. So thanks from a very happy consignor and I hope one day we can meet and talk coins over dinner. Best Regards, FW Close quote
F W  (April 08, 2013)
Great Site, Great Values, Great Deals...
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I am a very satisfied customer. I really enjoy bidding on your site, its easy to use, very intuitive. I often get great bids at far under market price to build "great collections " of my own. Very satisfied customer with your: Great site, Great Collections, Great values, Great deals... Close quote
M L  (March 17, 2013)
Your Efforts are Outstanding...
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I do appreciate all of your help in selling our collection – your company and your efforts are outstanding and very truthful. We have been pleased with the results. Close quote
A P  (January 31, 2013)
Registry Set Collector, Texas
Your Company is First Class...
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Thanks so much for getting back with the answers to my questions. This is way above what I would expect, especially on a Sunday. I will say your company is first class, from the excellent auction format to the superior customer service. Thank you again...Terry Close quote
Terry   (January 06, 2013)
Thank you for such fast shipping...
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I just want to say thank you for such fast shipping on my products I won the other day. I have not done alot of business with you but that will change with your professionalism and expertise in the auction industry. Looks like I will be coming over to great collections in 2013!!! Thanks again and happy new year. Close quote
C S  (January 01, 2013)
By E-mail
I think you have the most user friendly auction site that I visit...
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I visit at least once every week. I believe I won a lot about three weeks ago and was very pleased that it arrived two days after my payment. By contrast, one of your competitors shipments took 10 days to arrive. I think you have the most user friendly auction site that I visit. My current interest is for DMPL Morgan $. Obviously, they are a small population within the Morgan series, so the number of pieces in the auctions is expected to be limited. Close quote
R V  (December 15, 2012)
Online Feedback
Fantastic Service!
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I want to thank you and your staff for the absolutely fantastic service you have been providing. (Same day shipping of coins after payment is received, and the unbelievably fast payments for consignments.) Ninety to ninety-five percent of my coin buying and selling has been with GC since you opened your doors for business. Great Collections is the best in the business right now! In fact, it is the best Coin Auction House I have dealt with in the last 25 years of collecting. With your low buyer’s fees and low consignor fees, you are my first choice in both buying and selling. Thanks again and I wish you and Raeleen and the rest of your staff a very merry holiday season! Close quote
D H  (December 01, 2012)
Five reasons why I really like your website.
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Ian - Five reasons why I really like your website. 1.) The color scheme is soft and makes you feel welcome. Your competitors' color schemes are hostile and aggressive. They put you in a bad mood just arriving at the website. 2.) The ease of use is amazing! Your competitors are difficult to figure out and often times take two or three or four clicks to achieve what I can get in one click on your site. And actually, one of your competitors is so complex that I do not even bother to use it anymore. 3.) Your site is not all junked up with needless information and advertising. The facts, just the facts. 4.) Logging in is easy. One step and I am there, while others like (better not mention this one but you can probably guess it) take 3 or 4 steps to get into the system. What a pain. 5.) You have consistency. Your website is not always changing. Others like Ebay are always changing their design, layout, search techniques, etc., and the user is forced to learn the new applications rather than enjoy the reason they are using the website. I wish you the best and hope you get many more customers and great coins. Close quote
Rick   (November 23, 2012)
I really appreciate your honesty...
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Dear Ian, Thank you for all you did in selling my Dad's coin collection. I got the last check today. I really appreciate your honesty and your hard work and patience! Thank you. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks! Close quote
P D  (November 23, 2012)
It's fabulous, simply gorgeous and the children again are amazed!
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Look at me! Because of Great Collections, I am NOW the proud owner of a 2008 reverse or 2007 MS70 ASE! It's fabulous, simply gorgeous and the children again are amazed! Thank you sooooo much!!!!! You are, without question, THE BEST !!!!!!! BRAVO !!!!! Close quote
Bob   (November 17, 2012)
I can't thank you enough for the help...
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Ian, The integrity you and your staff have shown is incredible. I appreciate all you have done and will do for me in the future. I can’t thank you enough for the help you have been on these auctions. We will definitely be doing more business in the future. Close quote
J K  (November 01, 2012)
Best I've run into so far...
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Ian, Pretty fast service! Check arrived today. Best I've run into so far. Thanks for your help. Close quote
Lionel   (November 01, 2012)
I am happy with your service and fast consignment check
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Ian, Received your check today and I am very happy & satisfied with the sale. Also, I am happy with your service and fast consignment check compared with HA in which they take 90 days to send the check. Close quote
F C  (November 01, 2012)
The great job you and your team are doing at Great Collections!
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Ian, It was nice speaking with you again last night and thanks again for the great job you and your team are doing at Great Collections! You guys do alot of things right. You process quickly and ship even faster and I will continue to participate in your future auctions. I am sure I am not one of your largest customers, but I continue to support you as often as I can. Wishing your continued success! Close quote
P D  (September 17, 2012)
New York
No other auction sites can match...
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Ian and all staff members, I cannot express in words how much I appreciate you y'all (yes, I'm from TX lol). From the customer service (2nd to none) to the totality of the sale, GreatCollections is in a class that no other auction-sites can match. Kudos to all!!! Close quote
D W  (August 20, 2012)
I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my recent consignment to you...
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Dear Ian, I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my recent consignment to you and will send another set of proof franklins that are of higher grades than the set I sent. Close quote
D C  (August 15, 2012)
A flawless transaction...
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Hello Ian, Just a note to say I received payment today, and to thank you for a flawless transaction that exceeded my expectations. I will be doing business with GreatCollections again. Close quote
D P  (July 26, 2012)
San Francisco, California
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