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Coin Auctions and Buy Now Coins

ImageTitlePriceType Time leftSel
Peru 1812-LIMA JP Silver 8 Reales NGC MS-61 WINGS
Bid $1,662.00
2d, 10h
Peru 1965-ZBR Gold 1/5 Libra PCGS MS-66 WINGS (AGW = 0.0471 oz.)
Bid $200.00
2d, 10h
Prince Edward Island 1871 One Cent PCGS MS-65 RD WINGS
Bid $700.00
2d, 10h
Ancient Roman Empire, Trebonianus Gallus (A.D. 251-253) A.D. 251 Syria, Seleucis and Pieria Provincial BI Tetradrachm Antioch Mint NGC Ch XF
Prieur-657. Laureate, draped, cuirassed .....
Bid $120.00
9d, 9h
Germany - Besancon 1541 Silver Carolus PCGS AU-55 WINGS
Bid $36.00
4 bids
51d, 9h
Italy - Milan 1794-M Silver Crocione D-1390 PCGS VF-25 WINGS
Bid $1.00
1 bids
51d, 9h
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