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Braided Hair Cents
About Braided Hair Cents:  Christian Gobrecht's redesign of the Matron Cent underwent further modification later in 1839, and resulted in the last Large Cent design, the Braided Hair Cent, from 1839 to 1857.
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Bid $23.00
9 bids
6d, 15h
Bid $20.00
1 bids
6d, 15h
Bid $105.00
2 bids
6d, 15h
Bid $24.00
7 bids
6d, 15h
Bid $3.00
3 bids
6d, 15h
Bid $1,250.00
13d, 15h
Bid $75.00
1 bids
13d, 15h
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1853 Braided Hair Cent PCGS MS-65 RD
From the Catskill Collection.
Bid $664.00
12 bids
13d, 15h
Bid $3,500.00
13d, 15h
Bid $1,100.00
13d, 15h
Bid $17.00
5 bids
27d, 15h
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