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Record Coin Prices for NGC Graded Coins at GreatCollections

GreatCollections features NGC graded coins in our auctions each week and have sold many at record prices (some of which are listed below). We currently have 3,423 NGC certified coins in our auctions available for bidding with professional images of every lot.

NGC is a leading third-party grading service based out of Sarasota, Florida with additional offices in major cities around the world. GreatCollections is an authorized submitter and dealer at NGC and regularly submits coins for grading on behalf of our consignors.

Over the years, GreatCollections has auctioned some amazing collections of NGC graded coins as well as coins pedigreed from well-known collectors such as Eliasberg, Pittman, Garrett and more . Also coins recovered from Shipwrecks, also graded by NGC are regular featured at GreatCollections. NGC originally graded all of the coins recovered from the S.S. Republic shipwreck.

These are just a small selection of the NGC certified coins we have auctioned at GreatCollections. We have sold over 192,508 NGC graded coins since 2011 at GreatCollections. All of our NGC coin auction prices are public record and we maintain a Complete Auction Archive, which is searchable by coin denomination, series and even grading service/grade. GreatCollections offers free coin appraisals. For more information, please contact us.

1776 Continental Currency CURRENCY, Pewter Double Struck NGC MS-64 CAC
From the Sedona Collection Part IV. Newman 2-C CURRENCY Variety. All Continental Dollars are rare, and those in superb Mint State condition infrequently appear on the market. This particular example was double struck and can be seen on the reverse label containing WE ARE ONE. CAC approved. Exceedingly rare.
Sold $154,687.50
($137,500.00 hammer)
August 26, 2018
1796 Draped Bust Quarter NGC MS-63 (Toned)
A superb rarity from the Benson Collection, with attractive edge toning. First year of issue and one-year type coin. Rarely seen this nice.
Sold $144,100.00
($131,000.00 hammer)
July 20, 2014
1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MCMVII. High Relief, Flat Edge NGC MS-67
Sold $110,000.00
($100,000.00 hammer)
March 18, 2012
1895 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC Proof-66 CAMEO CAC
Superb and original. King of the Morgan Dollars.
Sold $107,250.00
($97,500.00 hammer)
October 09, 2016
1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition $50 Gold, Octagonal NGC MS-64 CAC
A superb CAC example of this classic U.S. issue from 1915. Minted in San Francisco, the Octagonal Slug was issued to commemorate the Panama Pacific Exposition. The coin is well struck with some original gold luster present. Only 645 coins were minted of this issue in the Octagonal format, with less suriving over the past 95 years. The high face value, the even higher issue price and the limited availability has ensured an aura surrounding the $50 pieces from the set. To put things in perspective in 1915: a new car cost $390 and a new house just $3,395. The price of gold was fixed at $20.67 an ounce, and the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.
Sold $88,000.00

April 15, 2012
1907 Indian Gold Eagle No Motto NGC MS-68
Sold $95,810.00
($87,100.00 hammer)
July 30, 2017
China Year 3 (1911) Silver 50 Cents Pattern L&M-39 NGC MS-63 (Toned)
K-228; Y-30; WS-0047. The rare Half Dollar companion to the widely adopted Flying Dragon Dollar type. Deeply toned on both sides with strong luster showing itself through golden orange highlights around the devices. From the Cherrywood Collection.
Sold $96,750.00
($86,000.00 hammer)
April 14, 2019
1915-S Panama-Pacific Expostion $50 Gold, Octagonal NGC MS-64
Sold $88,000.00
($80,000.00 hammer)
July 19, 2015
1895 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC Proof-66 (Toned)
Sold $82,698.75
($73,510.00 hammer)
January 27, 2019
1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MCMVII. High Relief, Wire Edge NGC MS-66 CAC
Sold $74,250.00
($67,500.00 hammer)
February 24, 2013
1895 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC Proof-66 (Toned)
Sold $73,125.00
($65,000.00 hammer)
October 21, 2018
1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition $50 Gold, Octagonal NGC MS-62
Sold $64,000.00

April 08, 2012
1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime NGC MS-66 ★ (Toned)
Sold $67,100.00
($61,000.00 hammer)
July 30, 2017
Important 1908-1929 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle Complete Set NGC MS-64 (1911-D is NGC MS-64+ CAC) (15 Coins)
A superb MS-64 Indian Quarter Eagle set graded by NGC. The key, 1911-D is graded NGC MS-64+ CAC, and the 1914 is graded NGC MS-64 CAC. The 1909, 1911, 1912, 1915 and 1928 are also verified by CAC. This is a rare offering as a complete set, but also of the quality of the coins. The 1911-D is particularly special and is one of the finest we have handled.
Sold $66,000.00
($60,000.00 hammer)
August 28, 2011
China 1995 5 oz. Gold Unicorn NGC Proof-69 UC with Certificate of Authenticity (#38 of only 99 Coins Minted)
One of the scarcest modern issues of China with a total mintage of just 99 coins. This is the desirable #38, with numbered certificate of authenticity and also numbered on the actual coin. First time offered by GreatCollections.
Sold $65,175.00
($59,250.00 hammer)
March 30, 2014
1860 Five Dollar Mormon NGC MS-61
Sold $64,075.00
($58,250.00 hammer)
June 03, 2012
1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MCMVII. High Relief, Wire Edge NGC Proof-65
Sold $63,250.00
($57,500.00 hammer)
March 16, 2014
1796 Capped Bust Right Gold Quarter Eagle Stars NGC XF-40
Sold $61,160.00
($55,600.00 hammer)
April 27, 2014
1851 Gold $50 Reeded Augustus Humbert "880" NGC AU-53 CAC
Sold $61,876.12
($55,001.00 hammer)
April 29, 2018
1926-S Buffalo Nickel NGC MS-65+
From the Sedona Collection Part IV. This condition-rarity example ranks among the finest few coins known between PCGS and NGC and exhibits a golden glow of attractive toning.
Sold $61,875.00
($55,000.00 hammer)
August 26, 2018
1871-CC Liberty Gold Eagle NGC MS-60
Second finest known, out of an estimated 100 coins known to exist for the date. Exceedingly rare.
Sold $61,875.00
($55,000.00 hammer)
August 12, 2018
1796 Capped Bust Right Gold Quarter Eagle Stars NGC XF-40
Sold $58,850.00
($53,500.00 hammer)
August 16, 2015
1850 $5 Private and Territorial Gold Mormon NGC MS-61
Sold $59,075.00
($52,511.11 hammer)
December 30, 2018
1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MCMVII. High Relief, Wire Edge NGC MS-66
Sold $57,750.00
($52,500.00 hammer)
July 17, 2016
1851 Gold $50 Reeded Augustus Humbert 880 NGC AU-58
Sold $59,062.50
($52,500.00 hammer)
October 21, 2018