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Bid and Buy with Confidence. The GreatCollections Return Policy
Our goal is to exceed expectations, certainly on a customer service level, but also on the products we sell in our auctions and for direct sale. As such, we offer a generous return policy as detailed below. We ask clients not to abuse this privilege, and as always, this is subject to change. We offer the lowest fees (whether buying or selling) and we would like to maintain these low fees for as long as possible. If you have any questions about our return policy, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 1.800.44.COINS or +1.949.679.4180. We appreciate your business.

Ian Russell
Owner and President

From our Terms and Condtions:

12. Return Policy. On all non-bullion items, GreatCollections offers a generous return policy (unless otherwise marked on the item information page) as a courtesy to Buyers, providing the item is paid for within seven days of the auction date (or in the case of a Buy Now item, when you confirmed to purchase the item) and no request to delay shipment is made by Buyer. To return an item, the Buyer must notify GreatCollections within 24 hours of receipt and receive a return confirmation number. Please mail the coin via Insured Mail to GreatCollections within 72 hours of receipt of coin. Original and return shipping costs are not refunded. Returns will not be accepted without the return confirmation number. Registered bidders are allowed one free return each month. For more than one return in a calendar month, a 5% fee will apply, based on the total purchase price of the item. Clients found to be abusing our return policy will be notified in writing that they will no longer have any return policy privileges whatsoever. If you viewed the item prior to winning the auction or offered the coin for sale to any dealer, collector and/or marketplace, there is no return privilege.