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PCGS Coins and Coin Grading
PCGS is one of the leading third-party grading services for rare coins. Founded in 1985 by several of the foremost experts in rare coins, PCGS has graded more than 20 million coins with a value of over $20 billion over the past 25 years. PCGS, located in Newport Beach, California, is part of Collectors Universe, which also grades and authenticates autographs and memorabilia, stamps and sports cards.

GreatCollections offers PCGS coins in our auctions and for direct sale. In addition, as a PCGS authorized dealer, we offer several services to collectors to have raw coins graded and certified by PCGS.

Coins graded and certified by PCGS are covered by The PCGS Guarantee. Their guarantee ensures the accuracy of the grade assigned to any PCGS coin, as long as it remains in the tamper-evident holder. For more information about the specifics and conditions of their guarantee, please contact PCGS.

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Sample PCGS Slabs:
Over the years, PCGS has changed their slab and label design several times.

PCGS Rattler Holder   PCGS Green Holder   PCGS Standard Holder  
PCGS First Strike Silver Eagle

Featured Coin Auctions
1951-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS-67+ RD
$ 3.00
GC Item: 722718
Ends: 20d, 5h
1924 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS-67+ RD
$ 9750.00
GC Item: 712054
Ends: 6d, 5h
1942-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (Toned)
$ 495.00
GC Item: 720630
Ends: 6d, 6h
1865-S Liberty Gold Double Eagle PCGS MS-65 (Brother Jonathan Collection)
$ 18500.00
GC Item: 717139
Ends: 6d, 8h

Fr. 1217 1922 $500 Gold Certificate Speelman / White PCGS Very Fine 35
$ 36500.00
GC Item: 545680
Ends: 6d, 9h
1934 Mercury Dime PCGS MS-68 FB
$ 256.00
GC Item: 722714
Ends: 13d, 6h
1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 OGH
$ 225.00
GC Item: 721353
Ends: 6d, 6h
1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ CAC
$ 105.01
GC Item: 720658
Ends: 6d, 6h