May 3rd and May 17th - Varieties Featured at GreatCollections

Ian Russell on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 10:46:21 PM
GreatCollections Offers Scarce Varieties Unreserved in Auction

The month of May brings many Rare Die Varieties to auction at GreatCollections.  Over the past few years, GreatCollections has steadily increased the number of varieties in their auctions, as the coins have gained in popularity.

Auctions ending May 3rd features:

- 1864 Copper Nickel Indian Cent FS-401 Polished Die PCGS AU-55

- 1899 Indian Cent FS-302 Repunched Date PCGS MS63 RB- Tied for SECOND FINEST at PCGS with a total population of only 7 coins in all grades.

- 1938-S/S RPM Wheat Cent FS-501 1c. PCGS MS66+ RED-  One coin in this grade with only 2 finer at PCGS.

- 1944-D/S OMM #2 Wheat Cent FS-512 1c. PCGS MS65 RED- Population of only 14 with 5 finer at PCGS.

- 1964 Doubled Die Reverse Lincoln Cent FS-802 1c. PCGS MS65 RED-  Only Two Examples Finer at PCGS.

- 1960 Quadruple Die Reverse Jefferson Nickel FS-801 PCGS Proof-66 CAMEO- Tied for second finest at PCGS with only one better.

- 1947-S/S Repunched Mintmark Roosevelt Dime FS-503 10c. PCGS MS66- Tied for Finest Graded at PCGS.

- 1960-D/D Repunched Mintmark Roosevelt Dime FS-501 10c. PCGS MS66- Tied for Finest Graded at PCGS.

- 1941 Doubled Die Reverse Washington Quarter FS-801 PCGS MS65- Tied for second finest with only 1 example higher at PCGS.  Well known doubled beak variety.

- 1953 Re-engraved Tail Feathers Washington Quarter FS-901 PCGS Proof-65 (Toned)

- 1963 Doubled Die Obverse Washington Quarter FS-103 PCGS MS66- SINGLE FINEST of only 7 coins certified in all grades by PCGS.

- 1967 Doubled Die Reverse Washington Quarter FS-801 PCGS SMS-64-  This coin is one of only 4 examples certified by PCGS in ALL GRADES.

- 1939-D Doubled Die Obverse Walking Liberty Half Dollar FS-101 PCGS MS65- Population of 4 with only 3 finer at PCGS.

- 1973-D Doubled Die Kennedy Half Dollar FS-101 PCGS MS66- SINGLE FINEST at PCGS.  With only 7 examples in all mint state grades, this is a very rare variety, the present example is the single, top Population at PCGS.