Franklin Half Dollar Consignment...

Ian Russell on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 08:40:49 PM
When we started expanding our auction service, I was surprised to see how popular our Franklin Half Dollar category was.  Not only in page views, but also the number of bids and the number of unique bidders... a key stat we look at on a regular basis.

Recently, a hoard of Franklins was discovered by a dealer in the North East.  He got every coin graded (at quite an expense!), and then realized the group was far to big to offer in his shop, as it might have taken many years to sell.  Therefore, he consigned the group to GreatCollections.

We will be offering the coins over the next few months.  Every coin will start at $1 (ie. no reserve!).  There is a good selection of years and grades, all freshly graded by PCGS, with and without Full Bell Lines.  Enjoy!

Franklin Half Dollars at GreatCollections