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This Week's GC Top Ten List - Bidding Ends Sunday, August 29th, 2021

Ian Russell on Fri, Aug 27, 2021 05:01:45 AM

GC's First 7-Figure Coin in Auction - Finest 1893-S Morgan, High Grade S.S. Central America Shipwreck Coins

Welcome to this week's Top Ten List from GreatCollections.

This week features GC's first 7-figure coin auction - the ultimate Morgan Dollar - key date 1893-S graded PCGS MS-67 CAC.  The historic coin is the finest of the date by a full two grades.

We're also pleased to offer five of the finest gold coins to be recovered from the S.S. Central America shipwreck.  The quality is impressive.  An 1856-S Type II Gold Dollar graded PCGS MS-65+ CAC.  The 1857-S Three-Dollar Gold is the finest by two points, graded PCGS MS-67 CAC (and is the only Mint State coin of the date approved by CAC).  There's also the finest 1857-S $2.5, $5 and $10.

Other significant highlights include a high grade 1792 Half Disme, another key date Morgan - the 1895-O, graded PCGS MS-66 and 1808/7 Gold Half Eagle graded PCGS MS-65 from the famed Norweb & Pogue collections.

We invite you to peruse the whole auction and participate in what is certain to be GreatCollections largest (by value) auction to date.  

And although these ten auctions might be perfect for what you're looking for, please be aware that this is only a tiny percentage of the whole auction.  Each week, GreatCollections auctions over 4,000 certified coins and banknotes!  So, if you don't see anything of interest below, be sure to browse our categories or view all upcoming auctions.

Happy collecting!

- Ian

Number 10:

1856 Flying Eagle Cent PCGS Proof-40 CAC

Key date first year of issue, in a popular grade. CAC approved. It was recently graded for the first time by PCGS.

Sold for $13,007.25  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (43 Bids)

Number 9:

2020-W $100 One-Ounce Platinum American Eagle Liberty Happiness PCGS Proof-70 DCAM

A recent issue that we do not see on the market as often as previous years. Perfect grade PCGS Proof-70 DCAM.

Sold for $1,593.00  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (21 Bids)

Number 8:

Colombia 1919 Gold 5 Pesos Simon Bolivar KM-201.1 NGC MS-61 (AGW = 0.2355 oz.)

Minted to sovereign specifications, this Colombian gold coin from 1919 features Simon Bolivar and is graded by NGC.

Sold for $520.88  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (21 Bids)

Number 7:

1854 Indian Princess Gold Dollar Type 2 PCGS AU-58 CAC

While not a very high value coin, Type II gold dollars are always popular, and this AU-58 example, approved by CAC is a very attractive and desirable example.

Sold for $928.12  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (30 Bids)

Number 6:

1856-S Indian Princess Gold Dollar S.S. Central America Shipwreck PCGS MS-65+ CAC (Gold Foil Label)

We have five S.S. Central America shipwreck coins in very high grade this week, and all should be featured on the GC Top Ten list. This Type Two gold dollar is the finest graded by PCGS or NGC, and is also CAC approved.

Sold for $162,562.50  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (65 Bids)

Number 5:

1895-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-66 (Toned)

1895-O is considered one of the rarest dates of the whole Morgan Dollar series, and high grade examples rarely appear on the market. This example is tied with just two others (one finer). For the Morgan Dollar connoisseur.

Sold for $275,625.00  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (74 Bids)

Number 4:

1808/7 Capped Bust Left Gold Half Eagle PCGS MS-65 (Norweb & D. Brent Pogue Collection)

Norweb and Pogue both possessed amazing coins, and they both had this coin in their collections at one point. This coin has a very fresh appearance, with an eye appeal difficult to improve upon.

Sold for $128,812.50  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (64 Bids)

Number 3:

1792 Flowing Hair Half Dime/Half Disme PCGS MS-64

The 1792 Half Disme is a classic. There is documentation that George Washington's personal silver was melted to mint the first 1792 Half Dismes. This high grade example ranks in the finest dozen examples known.

Sold for $388,249.88  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (61 Bids)

Number 2:

1857-S Three-Dollar Gold Piece S.S. Central America Shipwreck PCGS MS-67 CAC (Gold Foil Label)

This is another exceedingly rare and impressive coin discovered in the S.S. Central America shipwreck. It is the finest by two full grades, and the only Mint State example of the date to be CAC approved.

Sold for $367,875.00  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (61 Bids)

And Number 1:

1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-67 CAC (Toned) (Ex. Jack Lee, Coronet)

The ultimate Morgan Dollar. 1893-S dollars are universally recognized as the scarcest date in the whole series, and this PCGS MS-67 CAC example is the single finest graded by a full two grades.

Sold for $2,086,875.00  (incl. Buyer's Fee)  (127 Bids)

Thank you for viewing this week's Top Ten List at GreatCollections.

We are always looking for quality coins and banknotes for future GreatCollections auctions. Consign today by visiting www.greatcollections.com/selling or calling 1-800-442-6467. Who knows, maybe your consignment will be featured in a future GC Top Ten List!

Our next coin show will be the PCGS Members Only Coin Show in Las Vegas on September 1st through 3rd.  And after that will be the Long Beach Show, Table 822, September 30th through October 2nd.