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Record Price of $11,753.50 paid for Clad Washington Quarter
Ian Russell on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 06:28:30 AM
Record Price of $11,753.50 paid for Clad Washington Quarter

GreatCollections is well known for record breaking prices on ultra-rare coins.  Modern, Post-1964 issues are an area that have proven to have many surprises.

In it's auction ending March 22nd, GreatCollections lot number 261977 1967 Clad Washington Quarter Graded SMS-67 CAM by PCGS and attributed as DDR FS-801.  In the final moments of the auction several bids came in over the $10,000 mark, with the coin finally selling for $11,753.50.  Certainly a record for the variety, and likely a record price paid for any clad issue proof quarter.

View the 1967 Washington Quarter SMS DDR FS-801 PCGS Specimen-67 CAMEO - Sold for $11,753.50

The 1967 SMS 25c. Doubled Die Reverse FS-801 is extremely rare with only 4 examples accounted for in all grades at PCGS.  Currently, PCGS shows an SMS-64 and two in SMS-67s in regular SMS grade without the Cameo designation.  The example that sold Sunday was the 4th specimen, graded SMS-67 Cameo, and the sole example in Cameo grade.  This variety is listed in the Cherrypicker's Guide to Rare Die Varieties, by Bill Fivaz and JT Stanton.  The variety is characterized by doubled lettering to the south on the words QUARTER DOLLAR beneath the Eagle.

Doubled Dies are created when the Die (which strikes the coin) is being created.  Dies are pressed several times and if the design is even slightly rotated upon additional sinking, it will result in a secondary image.  The 1955 Doubled Die Cent is the best known doubled die in American coinage.

Washington Quarter Die Varieties have proven to be both a strong and dynamic market.  Other notable Quarter Die Variety sales in recent months on GreatCollections have included:

$2,640 for a 1976-D Doubled Die Obverse FS-101 in PCGS MS-63 (Fivaz Collection)
$1,540 for a 1970-D Doubled Die Reverse FS-802 in PCGS MS-66
$1,650 for a 1965 Doubled Die Obverse FS-102 in PCGS MS-65 $3,404.50 for a 1963 Proof Doubled Die Reverse FS-802
$1,485 for a 1952-D Large D FS-501 PCGS MS-65 (Fivaz Collection)
$1,650 for a 1943-S/S Repunched Mintmark FS-503 in PCGS MS-65 (Fivaz Collection)
$1,760 for a 1941-D Doubled Die Obverse FS--101 in PCGS MS-65

The past several years have seen frenzied markets in modern coins.  Price records are regularly shattered in Silver Eagles, Eisenhower Dollars and Kennedy Halves in addition to Washington Quarters.

GreatCollections regularly features ultra-rare modern coins as well as a vast selection of Classic U.S. coinage, Gold, Errors, Die Varieties, Currency and World Coins.  Watch closely for upcoming auction items, new listings every week, ending on Sundays.

View the 1967 Washington Quarter SMS DDR FS-801 PCGS Specimen-67 CAMEO - Sold for $11,753.50