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PCGS Genuine Certified Coins

Ian Russell on Sat, Nov 28, 2020 10:25:20 AM
PCGS authenticates and slabs problem coins in “Genuine” holders.  When PCGS first started encapsulating "details" graded coins, they did not assign any grade.  After the first year or two, they started to add "XF Details", "AU Details" etc. in addition to the reason why the coin could not be "straight graded" or "numerically graded".  There is still an option on the PCGS submission form to not include the grade, although I cannot see a reason why to opt for just a "Genuine" designation today, without the approximate grade.

PCGS also uses a numerical code after the PCGS number on the label to designate the problem.  For example 39299.92 / 38748465

The first number is the PCGS number, the two-digit number after the period is the Genuine code, and the number after the slash is the certification number, which is unique to each coin.  In this example, the .92 refers to "Cleaning".

PCGS Genuine Codes

82 Filed Rims
84 Holed and Plugged
91 Questionable Color
92 Cleaning
93 Planchet Flaw
94 Altered Surfaces
95 Scatch/Rim Dent
97 Environmental Damage
98 Damage

PCGS does not encapsulate coins that are determined to be Peeling Lamination (83), PVC Damage (99) and Not Genuine (90).

NGC has always added a Details grade to problem coin with the reason why it could not be straight-graded.