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A Nice Testimonial from a Regular Client...

Ian Russell on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 10:21:20 PM
We love to receive feedback... I think almost everyone does.  It's been another long day in the office, but always nice to read something posted on a public message board about GreatCollections.  Thanks Matt for posting it, we certainly appreciate your business.  I've cut and paste the message verbatim below:

>>>  Posted by Matt Parsons, 1/12/2012

I have bought coins from Ian at Great Collections almost every week for the past few months and i have to say the service is great. I have bought in the neighborhood of 30 or so coins in the past 2 months and everyone was as good or better than what i expected them to be.
Very professional packaging, great coins and no messed up holders. Even the stickers they use to keep the coins straight come off with no messy residue like so many i have received off of eBay. Its really nice not to have to scrub glue off each coin.

I am very happy with this site and I encourage you all o take a look, just don't bid against me. OK?    Ron will want you to bid his coins up higher though...LOL  Ive bought several off of the lists he posted here and they are all stunning coins, so thank you Ron too for listing on Ian's site.

I am not doing much on eBay anymore when i can get the same coins without all the BS that eBay has become famous for in the past few years. I know the coins will be the exact ones i bid on, i know they will be real, no fakes, i know they will look better than the pictures and i know the coins will arrive in great condition. Also in my experiences with Great Collections, i get the coins faster than almost anything Ive bought off eBay.

Thanks for the great site. I enjoy bidding and buying on this site more than any other site due to all the above listed reasons and i do not worry at all once i pay for the coins as i know they will be at my hose within 3 or 4 days at the latest. Even thru the holidays i didn't have to wait more than 5 business days. Thats amazing to me so they must really work hard to get the coins out fast.

Thanks guys for the great site and for the fantastic service you provide us hobbyists.

Sincerely, Matt Parsons