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500 More Auctions Uploaded, The $4 million Collection Sold, Silver...

Ian Russell on Tue, May 10, 2011 12:02:42 PM
It has been a very busy week at GreatCollections!  About 900 coins arrived over the past few days, some of which we worked overtime to get posted to our website, and others that will upload next week.  Our goal is to continue offering a wider selection of Certified Coins, and eventually have thousands of coins listed... we currently have over 1,200 listed as I type this.

Silver has had a bit of a roller-coaster (we had expected a pull back in silver prices, although we did not predict silver would drop $15 so quickly), and it's good to see stronger metal prices yesterday and today.  There is still a lot of demand for raw bullion.  Despite the drop in silver spot prices, Morgan Dollars held up surprisingly well, with perhaps certain common date coins selling for 10% less than they would have 10 days ago.  Remember, common date Morgan Dollars have increased in price significantly over the past couple of months.

Congratulations to David Hall, Founder of PCGS, who sold his personal collection of $10 Liberty Gold Eagles for $4 million.  David had been quietly accumulating and putting together this #1 set over the last decade and it included many top pop coins (all PCGS, of course).  The buyer was Bob Simpson, who is building the finest U.S. coin collection ever assembled.  He also bought a significant Pattern collection a few years ago for $30 million.

Stay tuned for a special press release, announcing the auction of a newly discovered early U.S. gold coin.  It's not often that a fresh rarity comes on the market, and with the background of this coin, it's extremely fulfilling as a coin auctioneer.

All the best,

Ian Russell