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GreatCollections vs eBay - A Comparison
Some of the many differences between GreatCollections and eBay
GreatCollections vs eBay
You have a choice where to buy and sell coins. From a full service auction house like GreatCollections, eBay, coin shows, local dealers…the list goes on. At GreatCollections, we stand behind every coin we sell. We have physical possession of every coin, we inspect every coin and we ship fast. Your personal information is never shared between buyer and sell - since the complete transaction is with GreatCollections.

One of our company philosophies is to offer coins of all prices and without any minimum to the consignor. Our belief is that collectors need a venue they trust to buy and sell coins of all prices, from famous rarities like this $80,000 Panama Pacific Commemorative, just as much as this $45 Morgan Dollar. We are committed to servicing the needs of all aspects of the coin market.

Advantages of Dealing with GreatCollections:
  • GreatCollections offers a wide selection of certified coins graded by PCGS, NGC and ANACS.
  • Unlike all of our competitors, GreatCollections discloses the minimum bid/reserve from the moment the coin lists on our website. There are no hidden reserves, ever.
  • Professional images of every auction, no matter if it's a $20 coin or a $75,000 coin (yes, we auction rarities too... View All)
  • The lowest fees, whether buying or selling. No other coin auction company comes close with our lower buyer's fee and low or zero seller's fees.
  • We eliminate the risks with buying and selling coins online. All transactions are confidential and handled through GreatCollections.
  • Fast shipping of orders/auction wins. Most orders paid by 12:00 noon Pacific Time will ship same day.
  • For consignors, the fastest turnaround of any coin auction company. Coins list in a matter of days, and payment is routinely sent within 7-10 days of auction.
  • Advanced website technology, keeping consignors and bidders informed throughout the auction process.
  • A complete Coin Auction Archive, 935,014 coins in our price guide for U.S. and World coins. This important research tool for rare coins is continually updated as we close auctions each week.
  • GreatCollections offers discounted grading rates as an authorized submitter at PCGS, NGC, ANACS and CAC. In addition, GreatCollections is a life member of the American Numismatic Association, FUN and a member of the National Auctioneers Association.