Recent Record Auction Prices at GreatCollections
These are just some of the notable coin auction results achieved by GreatCollections. This demonstrates the extensive bidder base that GreatCollections participating each week in our certified coin auctions. We also have our complete coin auction archive available, which now contains 917,477 coin auction records with high quality images.

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Item image 950364 1946 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS-67 RD CAC
With a PCGS Price Guide value of just $775, this coin realized almost $5,000 at GreatCollections in March 2021.

Sold $4,925.25
Key date and superb quality are the two reasons why this coin sold for over double the PCGS Price Guide value of $14,000.

Sold $28,125.00
Item image 950303 1914-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS-65 RD CAC
Item image 946613 1934 Peace Silver Dollar NGC MS-63 (CAC Gold Label) OH
Usually a $180-$200 coin, this realized over $1,000 in February 2021 at GreatCollections. The coin was graded in early days at NGC - and was conservatively graded, as noted by the Gold CAC sticker. The coin had a golden glow.

Sold $1,037.15
With a PCGS Price Guide of $3,000, this sold for over $10,000. It exhibited superb original toning and was unusually well-struck. 42 bids were received!

Sold $10,803.38
Item image 943533 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS MS-67 FH CAC OGH
Item image 877014 2002-W $1 Silver Eagle PCGS Proof-69 DCAM (Toned)
Usually a $40-$45 coin, this realized over $2000 recently at GreatCollections, due to the superb toning. GreatCollections submitted this coin to PCGS for the consignor as part of our popular Grade & Auction program.

Sold $2,418.75
With a NGC Price Guide value of just $115, this realized over $600 at GreatCollections on September 6, 2020. Several bidders loved the superb quality of the coin, which we consider a high-end example for MS-67.

Sold $607.50
Item image 877904 1997-P Washington Quarter NGC MS-67
Item image 876139 1957-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS-67 CAC (D. Brent Pogue Collection) (Toned)
From the famed Brent Pogue Collection, this 1957-D Quarter realized more at GreatCollections recently than it did in the original Pogue auction earlier in 2020. The PCGS Price Guide value is just $150.

Sold $2,643.75
Although less than 5 oz. of gold, this set sold for over $17,000 at GreatCollections. Modern British coins are very popular, especially those with lower mintages and graded Proof-70.

Sold $17,437.50
Item image 655613 Great Britain 2013 Queen's Coronation Gold Five Pounds/Sovereigns 60th...
Item image 790448 1924 Peace Silver Dollar NGC MS-66 CAC OH
Typically a $300-$400 coin, this common date Peace Dollar sold for over $3,000 in early 2020 after 13 bidders fought for the quality coin in an old NGC holder. This was likely graded in the early 1990s by NGC.

Sold $3,093.75
This "reverse" toned Morgan Dollar sold for about 15 times the value of a non-toned example. It was graded MS-63 by NGC with the Star designation for superior eye appeal.

Sold $630.00
Item image 779126 1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS-63 ★ (Toned)
Item image 780693 1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-65 PL (OGH Retro Label) (Toned)
Attractive toning can make a big difference on the number of bidders and final price of a coin. This example would normally sell for about $220, if not for the vibrant toning. 32 bids were placed in the end, where it realized over $1.300!

Sold $1,366.88
MS-64 Morgan Dollars typically sell in the $55-$65 range, but with two-sided toning, and especially the vibrant reds and greens on the obverse, this example sold for thousands of dollars. Toned coins have gained popularity over the past 10-15 years, and especially in the last few years. GreatCollections advanced photography has gained the confidence of serious bidders of toned coins, since our images show the color of the coins accurately and they are never enhanced.

Sold $4,500.00
Item image 780701 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-64 (Toned)
Item image 779369 1957 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (Toned)
1957 Franklin Half Dollars are not the rarest of the series and in this grade, they typically sell for about $50. This coin had two qualities that attracted 36 bids...first, the attractive toning with greens and reds. Second, the coin is definitely one of the nicest technical MS-66 coins we have seen.

Sold $385.88
With a PCGS Price Guide of $2,400, this example sold for more than double at $5,400 in December 2019. From the famed Sunset Collection, which is known for coins with superior eye appeal, only 22 examples have been graded MS-67 at PCGS, with just 8 examples with CAC approval (PCGS/NGC combined).

Sold $5,400.00
Item image 773451 1960-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS-67 CAC
Item image 778725 1929-S Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-66 CAC
GreatCollections has offered several superb collections of Buffalo Nickels lately, and there has been very strong demand from bidders for high quality examples. This 1929-S was superb, and it sold for an all-time record for the date and grade. PCGS Price Guide Value: $750.

Sold $3,125.25
A rare early NGC holder helped propel the prices realized to over $5,500, which is over five times the NGC Price Guide value.

Sold $5,512.50
Item image 780831 1888 Nickel Three-Cent Piece NGC Proof-67 (CAC Gold Label) OH (Early White...
Item image 751781 1948-P/D/S Set Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (3 Coins)
An all-time record for a BTW set graded MS-66. This set usually sells for about $300, but two bidders at GreatCollections placed several bids. Bidder #7 ended up winning the set at a whopping $4,078, an all-time record price for a MS-66 graded set of Booker T Washingtons!

Sold $4,078.12
Typically a $50 coin, this sold for over six times the average prices realized due to the scarce NGC holder type - this coin was graded in the early days of NGC, with a white paper insert.

Sold $326.25
Item image 755179 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS-63 CAC OH  (Early White Label NGC Holder)...
Item image 741149 1929-S Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-66 OGH
With a PCGS Price Guide value of just $800, this coin sold for more than five times that when it realized $4,162 in August 2019. The coin was superb, was graded in the 1990s by PCGS and still resided in the old green holder that is coveted by many collectors.

Sold $4,162.50
This coin sold for almost double the current PCGS Price Guide value of $325 due to the attractive appearance. It was part of the famed Sunset Collection, which GreatCollections has been selling for the past few years.

Sold $603.02
Item image 723556 1951-D Carver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (Toned)
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