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Draped Bust Quarters
About Draped Bust Quarters:  Quarter Dollar production was authorized in 1792, but none were minted until 1796. The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter is a unique design, as the 1804-1807 Draped Bust Quarters displayed a different reverse.
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ImageTitlePriceType Time leftSel
1805 Draped Bust Quarter ANACS NET FR-02 Fine Details
Bid $175.00
1806 Draped Bust Quarter B-3 NGC Good Details
Bid $129.42
6 bids
1804 Draped Bust Quarter ANACS AG-03 Details
Bid $1,200.00
1805 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS AG-03
Bid $52.01
12 bids
1805 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS FR-02
Bid $100.00
1 bids
1806/5 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS FR-02
Bid $51.00
14 bids
1807 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS Genuine AG Details
Bid $1.00
1 bids
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