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Capped Bust Dimes
About Capped Bust Dimes:  Capped Bust Dimes, minted from 1809 to 1837, underwent a slight design and size change in 1828 when new mint equipment was introduced that allowed coins to be manufactured more uniformally.
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ImageTitlePriceType Time leftSel
1823/2 Capped Bust Dime Large E's PCGS MS-64 (Toned)
Bid $9,000.00
1830 Capped Bust Dime Medium 10C PCGS G-04/06 (2 Coins)
Bid $9.00
8 bids
1831 Capped Bust Dime PCGS Proof-66 CAC (Toned)
Bid $60,000.00
1835 Capped Bust Dime NGC XF Details
Bid $320.00
1836 Capped Bust Dime PCGS MS-63
Bid $1,400.00
1833 Capped Bust Dime Last 3 High JR-5 NGC Unc Details
Bid $150.00
1 bids
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1835 Capped Bust Dime PCGS F-15
Bid $2.00
2 bids
1835 Capped Bust Dime PCGS XF-40
Bid $100.00
1 bids
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