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U.S. & Republic Philippines Issues
About U.S. & Republic Philippines Issues:  The Philippines was under US control from 1901 to 1935. Philippine coins dated 1903 to 1919 were struck in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Those dated after 1920 were minted in Manila, with the exception of 1944 and 1945, when they were minted in the US.

Coin Auctions and Buy Now Coins

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Philippines 1918-S Silver 10 Centavos KM-169 PCGS MS-62 (Toned)
Bid $125.00
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1910-S U.S. Philippines One Centavo PCGS MS-65 RB (Toned)
Current Bid $200.00
1 bids
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1947-S U.S. Philippines Peso MacArthur PCGS MS-63 (Toned)
Current Bid $6.00
4 bids
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1921-S U.S. Philippines One Centavo PCGS AU-58 BN
Current Bid $1.00
1 bids
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