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California Small Denomination Gold
About California Small Denomination Gold:  Starting in 1852, small-denominated coins were privately minted to meet demands, particularly in the West. The Coinage Act of April 22, 1864 made private minting of coins illegal, but since the law was not fully enforced until 1883, these coins continued to be minted (along with non-denominated tokens).
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Coin Auctions and Buy Now Coins

ImageTitlePriceType Time left descSel
1874 Gold $1 California Fractional Octagonal Indian BG-1124 PCGS MS-62
Bid $110.00
4 bids
21d, 7h
1875 Gold 50c California Fractional Octagonal Indian BG-946 NGC MS-62
Bid $135.00
6 bids
21d, 7h
1853 Gold 50c California Fractional Round Liberty BG-428 PCGS MS-62 OGH
Bid $110.00
5 bids
21d, 7h
1856 G25c California Fractional Gold Round Liberty BG-228 PCGS MS-63 PL
A very scarce type, of which only 10-15 .....
Bid $4,044.00
29 bids
14d, 6hThis coin has been selected for the GreatCollections HotList
1872 Gold 25c California Fractional BG-723 Octagonal Washington Hd NGC MS-66
Bid $8,000.00
7d, 6h
1871 Gold 25c California Fractional Gold Round Liberty BG-840 PCGS MS-63 OGH
Bid $227.00
14 bids
6h, 11mThis coin has been selected for the GreatCollections HotList
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