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ImageTitlePriceType Time leftSel
1723 Woods Hibernia Halfpence Hibernia PCGS MS-62 BN
Bid $450.00
1723 Wood's Hibernia Hibernia, D:G:REX PCGS MS-62 BN
Bid $750.00
1786 New Jersey Copper Beam Straight Maris 14-J NGC MS-65 BN (Eric P. Newman Collection)
Bid $30,000.00
1786 Vermont Copper VERMONTENSIUM RR-6 W-2020 ANACS AG-03 BN
Bid $62.00
2 bids
(1792) Copper 1c Washington Born Virginia NGC MS-65 BN CAC (Eric P. Newman Collection)
Bid $80,000.00
1783 Nova Constellatio Pointed Rays, Sm US NGC VF-35 BN
Bid $155.00
2 bids
1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Silver Shilling Large Planchet Noe-5 ANACS XF-40 Details
Bid $4,000.00
1787 Connecticut Copper Draped Bust Left PCGS XF-45 BN
Bid $570.00
1795 Talbot 1c NGC MS-65 BN
Bid $1,520.00
1787 Fugio Cent Newman-140 ANACS VG-08 BN
Bid $100.00
1 bids
1760 1/4P Hibernia Voce Populi Large Letters NGC AU-53 BN
Bid $4.00
4 bids
1787 New York Copper Excelsior, Eagle Left NGC F-15 BN (Whitman 5785) (Eric P. Newman Collection)
Bid $11,250.00
1787 New Jersey Copper No Plow Sprig Maris 48-g NGC AU-50 BN
Bid $26.00
6 bids
(1795) Washington Penny LIBERTY AND SECURITY Plain Border NGC AU-53 BN
Bid $6.00
5 bids
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Showing results 1 to 14 of 14.Page 1 of 11