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1925 Norse Medal Large Format Silvered NGC MS-64
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1925 Norse Medal Large Format Silvered NGC MS-64 Online Coin Auction at GreatCollections1925 Norse Medal Large Format Silvered NGC MS-64 Online Coin Auction at GreatCollections

Item Information

GC Item ID:823619
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GC Item Title:1925 Norse Medal Large Format Silvered NGC MS-64
Certification Number:
Industry Number
Description:Struck to commemorate the landing of the Restauration, sometimes called the Norwegian Mayflower, which brought the first significant wave of Norwegian settlers to American shores. Originally conceived as a commemorative Half Dollar, the U.S. Mint struck octagonal non-denominated medal was decided on as a compromise after resistance from the Treasury Department. Commemorative 2-cent and 5-cent stamps were also issued to coincide with the Norse American Centennial held appropriately in Minnesota. Designed by Buffalo nickel artist James Earle Fraser the medal was struck in the more commonly encountered small format with two varieties of thickness and the far more rare large format offered here. From an intended mintage of 75 pieces but less were actually distributed with most being given to dignitaries or institutions.

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Coin Series:

Norse Medal

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