When gold started pouring in from California in the 1840s, the U.S. Mint looked for new ways of converting the metal into coin. The result was three new denominations: the $20 Double Eagle, the $3 Gold Princess, and the $1 Gold Dollar. The first U.S. Gold Dollars were issued in 1849; the version is known as the “Type 1.” The coin was redesigned and made larger in 1854, thus creating the Type 2 version. The final iteration, struck from 1856 through 1889, is classified as the Type 3.

GreatCollections has sold 2,702 Gold Dollars in the past 10 years, selling at prices from $79 to $91,688, in grades 1 to 69. Of these, 382 were approved by CAC.

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Following the discovery of gold in California, the yellow metal began pouring into the marketplace. Eager to convert this bullion into coinage, the U.S. Congress authorized a new one dollar gold coin. A Silver Dollar was already being produced, but the federal government hoped that a smaller gold coin of the same denomination might succeed. In 1849, the first Gold Dollar were released. (read more)

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