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FUN (Florida United Numismatists)
Ian Russell, President of GreatCollections is a Life Member of FUN. In addition, GreatCollections attends all FUN shows, which are held twice a year. In January, the coin market and trade kicks off with one of the biggest coin shows of the year. This is usually held in Orlando during the first 10 days of the year. Literally, 100s of dealers and 1000s of collectors attend the FUN show each year in January.

More recently, FUN has started to organize a "Summer FUN" show, held in July each year. For show locations and dates, please check our Coin Show Schedule.

We recommend all collectors become members of FUN. It's great value (at the time of writing, it's just $15 a year) and includes "FUN Topics" a quartly publication published by FUN.