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ANACS Coins and Coin Grading
ANACS is "America's Oldest Grading Service", located in Englewood, Colorado. The ANACS history starts back in 1972, when it was founded by the American Numismatic Association to be a third party coin grading service. They initially started grading the obverse and reverse as different grades and you still see certificates issued by ANACS with 63/64 as a grade, noting that the obverse was graded MS-63 and reverse was graded MS-64. In today's grading standards at all leading coin grading companies, a single grade is assigned. In 1989, ANACS commenced issuing photo certificates and encapsulating coins in tamper evident holders.

GreatCollections offers ANACS coins in our auctions and for direct sale. In addition, as an ANACS authorized dealer, we offer several services to collectors to have raw coins graded and certified by ANACS.

Coins graded and certified by ANACS are usually covered by their ANACS Guarantee. For more information about the specifics and conditions of their guarantee, please contact ANACS.

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Sample ANACS Slabs:
ANACS has changed their slab and label design several times over the past 20 years, and prior to "slabbing" coins, they issued Photograph Certificates.

ANACS Small Holder   ANACS Blue Holder   ANACS Current Yellow Holder

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1864 Indian Cent L on Ribbon Repunched Date ANACS MS-62 BN
$ 205.00
GC Item: 287248
Ends: 4d, 20h
1921 Peace Silver Dollar ANACS MS-63
$ 200.00
GC Item: 287257
Ends: 4d, 23h
1972 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse FS-101 Die 1 ANACS MS-64 RB
$ 126.00
GC Item: 287252
Ends: 4d, 21h
1914-D Lincoln Cent ANACS AU-50 Details
$ 330.00
GC Item: 287255
Ends: 4d, 20h

1914-D Lincoln Cent ANACS AU-55 Details
$ 675.00
GC Item: 287254
Ends: 4d, 20h